SVK42 Insertion Probe


This probe is mounted into pipes or tank walls, fixed by a G 5/4" thread to a weld, which is made of a material corresponding to the pipeline or tank - the weld is not part of the delivery. When installing the sensor inside a pipeline, it is advisable to complete it with a bypass and shut-off valves, so that it can be removed during operation for cleaning or calibration.

The PK41 box should be installed nearby, to hold the input block of the respective analyzer.

Warning: Before using this probe, it is necessary to carefully assess the working conditions of the sensor (primarily in terms of pressure), as well as the feasibility and frequency of calibrations, checks and cleaning, due to the need to shut down the pipeline or tank each time the sensor is removed.

Sensor dimensionsø12(15) mm x 115 mm
Number of sensors1
Materials in contact with mediumStainless steel, silicone rubber
Medium temperaturemax. 100 °C (limited also by installed sensor)
Medium pressuremax 0.6 MPa (limited also by installed sensor)
Weightca 0.8 kg
Pipe Inner Diametermin. 50 mm