Ion Selective Measurements: Application examples

INSA analyzers and measuring sets are used in a wide range of applications in industry, water management, and in a number of other areas. Below you will find brief information and tips on some typical applications.

Ion-selective measurements in industrial technologies


Ion-selective electrodes cover a wide range of different measurements, and the range of their applications is no less wide. These are modern analytical sensors for determination of various ionic analytes, used in analytical laboratories, in agriculture, the food industry, biochemistry, pharmacy, medicine, for ecological measurements of surface, ground, drinking and waste water, in tribodiagnostics, in the analysis of explosives and pyrotechnic compositions, for applications in research laboratories, and many other uses.

With advancing development, these sensors are increasingly used for in-technology measurements in industry, although their use in this area still has its limits. These are relatively demanding and sensitive sensors, the use of which in industry must be carefully considered in each individual case. In some applications it may be necessary to use probes with automatic cleaning of the sensors (SPO41ME, SPR41ME). (In the picture: Electrode for ammonia measurement.)