PB42V, PB43V Flow-through Units


The PB42V and PB43V flow-through units are used for installation of two (PB42V) or three (PB43V) sensors with dimensions ø12 (15) x 57 mm, equipped with a collar for attachment and sealing. The unit is mounted on a vertical plate (wall) with two ø4 mm screws. Sample water is supplied and discharged through a plastic hose with an internal diameter of 5 mm. The sample inlet must be equipped with a shut-off valve, the outlet is led into the waste open to atmosphere (no pressure). The units are usually mounted in combination with the PK41 box, in which the input block of the respective analyzer is installed.

The flow-through unit with fitted sensors forms a compact unit, advantageous in terms of space and price. In addition, the small volumes of the chambers make it possible to achieve the required speed of the measured sample at significantly lower flow rates than with the SPR line of flow-through probes, which leads to savings of water discharged into the waste. More complicated handling of sensors during inspection and calibration, as well as smaller internal cross-sections prone to clogging, predetermine flow-through units for less demanding applications, especially in clean water technologies.

The PB42V and PB43V units are equipped with a valve to adjust the flow rate according to sensor characteristics or response speed requirements. Depending on the preferred method of installed sensors' calibration, the unit may carry a holder for a container with a calibration solution.

Number of sensorsmax. 2max. 3
Dimensions175 x 155 x 38 mm205 x 155 x 38 mm
Weight0.5 kg0.6 kg
Sensor dimensionsø12(15) mm x 57 mm
Materials in contact with mediumPolypropylene, silicone rubber, stainless steel
Medium temperaturemax. 100 °C (limited also by installed sensors)
Input medium pressure0.01 - 0.2 MPa
Maximum flow rate1 l/min
Chamber #1 Volume (with sensor)ca 5 ml
Chamber #2 (#3) Volume (with sensor)ca 7 ml
Sample inlet and outletTube ø5 mm (internal), wall thickness 1.5 mm