Conductivity: Portable instrument MFD80

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The MFD80 is a compact measuring device, suitable for use in the laboratory as well as for operative measurements in the field or industrial technologies. The device can measure up to three quantities simultaneously, as well as solution temperature and air pressure. A number of additional functions, data interfaces and the possibility of operation from the mains or from batteries predetermine the MFD80 for a wide range of applications.

Operation of the device is easy thanks to the high-contrast dot-matrix LCD display, which is easy to read in the dark and in the sun, and a simple menu-based system controlled by only 6 buttons. Several levels of password protection protect the device against unwanted changes to the settings, or against unwanted interventions by less qualified operators or unauthorized persons. Semi-automatic calibration procedures greatly facilitate the preparation for measurements.

The MFD80 is suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to its small size and weight, high degree of protection and support for rechargeable and classic batteries or mains adapter. In the field, the device and sensors are best protected by the recommended transport cover, which also protects against water immersion and drop damage (to some extent). In the laboratory, the device is best supported by the recommended stand, which also provides power and recharges the batteries of the inserted MFD80 device.

Data logging is an additional function that records measured data in the device for later processing. The device is also equipped with a clock, providing time stamps for all recorded data. The resulting record can be viewed on the device's display or transferred to a computer, tablet or phone via USB or Bluetooth in several possible formats. The MFD80 is compatible with the basic configuration of common operating systems, without the need to install any drivers, applications, etc.

Conductivity measurement

The MFD80 supports conductivity measurement using classic two-electrode sensors. Thanks to advanced technology, capacitive effects on the electrodes are eliminated, which makes the measured data accurate even at high conductivity values. With a temperature sensor, several preset profiles for temperature correction are available, or the appropriate linear coefficient may be entered. The output can also be converted to TDS or salinity values, either by a user-selected coefficient or by the PSS-78 method.

Additional measurement of temperature and atmospheric pressure

All inputs of the MFD80 device also support temperature measurement. Each connected sensor can therefore be equipped with an integrated temperature sensor, or a separate temperature sensor (type TTK21L) may be connected to any input. Any available temperature reading may be used for temperature correction of the measurement. If none is available, an approximate temperature reading from a sensor integrated directly in the device can be used.

The device also includes an atmospheric pressure sensor. Its reading is mainly used to correct the oxygen measurement, but it can also be displayed independently.

Dimensions136 x 74 x 33 mm
Weightca 250 g (including rechargeable batteries)
EnclosureIP 65
BatteriesNiMH (3x AAA) or alkaline (3x AAA, 4.5 V)
External powerUSB charger (5 V, 500 mA), table stand
Battery chargingSupported in the device
Battery lifeca 60 - 150 hrs (backlight off, depends also on configuration and battery type)
Data log capacity16000 values (also depends on configured mode)
Digital interfacesUSB 2.0, Bluetooth (not compatible with Apple equipment)
Additional system requirementsweb browser
Download formatsCSV, HTML, plaintext
Conductivity measurement range0.1 µS/cm - 200 mS/cm (up to 1000 mS/cm with a special sensor)
Conductivity measurement accuracy± 2 % (of full range)
Temperature correction for conductivity measurementLinear coefficient 0 - 10 %/°C or preset profiles
Conversion of conductivity to TDS or salinityCoefficient 0.25 - 1.5 or the PSS-78 method
Temperature measurement range-4 to +100 °C (also limited by the sensor)
Temperature measurement accuracy± 0.2 °C (built-in backup temperature sensor ± 1.5 °C)
Atm. pressure measurement range260 - 1260 hPa
Atm. pressure measurement accuracy± 0.5 hPa (at 25 °C)